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About Signal 13

In the world of law enforcement, a “Signal 13” code is issued when an officer has an emergency and needs immediate backup. It is a call to scramble the troops and join the fight.  It is a call to team together and help out.  It is used to call all cars and save the day for an officer in distress.

To the band - whose members have had careers in law enforcement, military, and emergency services, and have many friend and family relationships in the law enforcement, first-responder, and uniformed service communities - the name of the band is a tribute to all of those who choose to bravely and unselfishly protect and serve.


Musically, the band has seen a current generation of music which has drifted from the basic roots of rock and roll.  Rock and roll - with all the attitude, swagger and energy surrounding it - may not be currently topping the popular music charts… but as long as people love to hear real music, by real musicians, with a real beat, with real instruments, making the ground shake - rock and roll won’t go away.

Hard, Heavy, Loud and Proud

Signal 13 is our effort to help keep rock and roll alive.  It is our call to all those who love this music to come on out and celebrate it with us – hard and heavy and loud and proud!

We are a group of experienced musicians who remember when music had raw explosive energy, when the right song made you want to rock and roll all night and party every day, when riffs and solos ruled the world.   With soaring vocals, screaming guitars, driving rhythms, and crushing drums – we are bringing it all back to those who remember what it was like and to introduce it to those too young to know what they missed out on.  Come join us – let’s keep rock alive!