The Band

Vicky Starr - Lead Vocals

Chris Starr - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals


Glen Logwood-Drums/Vocals

Jon Lassister and Tom Oschleger- Lead Guitar/Vocals

Greg George-Bass/Vocals



At the age of 2, Vicky discovered music with her piano while watching the Monkees. She began siniging and memorizing lyrics before she could read. At age 9, she fronted her first band! Vicky tried a number of musical instruments but kept coming back to vocals throughout her life. While finishing her nursing degree, she bartended at Hammerjack's. After graduation,Vicky focused on her career and family but never stopped singing. She has brought her passion and love for music alive in Signal 13!


Born and raised in Greenville, NC.  He has over 25 years experience playing multiple instruments, song writing, sound and lighting engineering, recording, producing and music education.  

He has spent 25 years as a touring musician, primarily performing original material.


Greg has a long and successful history in the regional music scene.  A true life-long musician, playing guitar and bass in various regional bands: Problem Child, Rukkus, The Barking Cats, The East Coast Ratz and for last 5 years he has played with No Drama.




Chris grew up in Philadelphia and was influenced by rock and roll music from the late 70's through the late 80's. As a boy, Chris was given a Honda electric guitar and an amp by his Mom and grandmother...and he began to rock! While he plays lots of musical styles, he most enjoys the heavy rock he grew up with. Chris was formerly the rhythm guitarist for Hi-Velocity and has shared the stage with many talented musicians! 


Tom has been playing guitar since age 13.  He has been a member of many regional rock and blues bands: Circus, Built 4 Comfort, Sweet Medicine Band and Stereo  Prophets.