Meet The Band

Signal 13 Band

Signal 13 is the premier high-energy party band in the Mid-Atlantic. Signal 13 performs a mix of classic and modern rock (with a strong dose of fun 80’s rock), modern country, rocked-up disco and dance music and throw in a mix of fun mashups and medleys – all with our own unique style!

Johnathan Lassier

Guitar & Vocals

Jonathan has spent nearly thirty years as a touring musician or as a live sound engineer for numerous Regional, National and Grammy-celebrated artists. He has been direct support in front of National and International artists throughout the country. Jonathan has performed thousands of times in multiple genres of music whether in intimate acoustic theater settings, amphitheaters or large scale music festivals.

Jonathan has been involved with co-writing, performing, producing and recording albums across multiple genres as well. Based out of major metropolitan musical cities like Memphis, Nashville and Atlanta, Jonathan brings a seasoning of the southeast to the greater Washington, DC area. Jonathan has been recruited by celebrated musicians and artists throughout the years to take part in many different levels of performance, production and artist management with a focus on artistic vision.

Being on stage has always been a favorite and it shows through the ferocity of Jonathan’s signature guitar style and performance on stage. His ability to meld material into his own guitar voice or lift up melodic searing guitar solos has been a staple of each musical performance.

Jonathan brings his years of experience performing, touring, writing, recording and producing to Signal 13’s latest iteration of creating their signature sound of keeping rock alive.

Chris Starr

Rhythm Guitar

Chris grew up in Philadelphia and was influenced by the rock and roll from his youth.  As a boy, his mother and grandmother bought him a starter electric guitar and amp and the Starr household was never quite the same (and a lot less quiet). While he plays lots of musical styles including rock, blues, country, dance, and funk – he most enjoys the rock he grew up with featuring huge guitars from the heyday of arena rock! 

Chris was formerly the rhythm guitarist for Hi-Velocity and has played with or shared the stage with such players as Stacey Blades (guitarist for L.A. Guns and Ratt), Lez Warner (drummer for The Cult), Sean Koos (bassist for Joan Jett), Jason Ebs (vocalist for Peter Criss of Kiss) and regional bands Kanye Twitty, Ready Set Go!, Marshall Law, Red Dirt Revolution, Square 1, Vintage Voodoo and No Drama.  

Chris says “We want to share the music we love – high energy rock and rocked-up country and dance music.  From a musician’s perspective, it is amazing to play with the very talented and experienced musicians in Signal 13. From the first moment we played together, everything clicked and we could just feel the potential.  We look forward to making some great music together!”  

Chris collects guitars and primarily plays PRS guitars and Kemper, Marshall and EVH amps on stage.

Vicky Starr

Lead Vocals

According to Vicky’s dad, “She came into the world screaming and has not stopped since.” At age 2, Vicky discovered music with her piano and watching The Monkees. She began singing along to every song, memorizing the lyrics, before she could even read. By age 9, she fronted her first band – an all-girl rock trio that played shows for her schoolmates.

Vicky tried a number of musical instruments including piano, organ, keyboards, harmonica and guitar but kept coming back to vocals throughout her life. She is most influenced by the rock and roll attitude of Joan Jett and by the broad vocal capabilities of Steven Tyler, Bon Scott and Axl Rose.

According to Vicky, “The idea behind the Signal 13 band was based on two simple ideas. First, we wanted to put something together that would honor and give back to those who selflessly serve in law enforcement, K-9’s, firefighters, first response, and our military. Second, we wanted to perform high-energy covers and write unique original material. With these two targets in mind, we formed Signal 13!”

Vicky says “We look forward to Signal 13 becoming a platform for giving back and I am happy to work with such a great group of friends and talented musicians. We are creating a high-energy sound that is our own and we are all really excited to bring this energy to everyone that hears us play.”

In late 2019, readers of Baltimore Magazine voted for Vicky as first runner up in the “Best Musician” category in the “2019 Best of Baltimore” readers poll.

Johnny Sexx

Drums & Vocals

Johnny has decades of drumming experience performing with Maryland and DC-area rock bands. Growing up to bluegrass musician parents, Johnny started drumming at 2 1/2. Johnny was influenced by many different drummers, including John Bonham, Carmine Appice, Buddy Rich, Don Brewer, Neil Peart, Steve Smith, Alex Van Halen and Phil Collins. Johnny joined his first band at the age of 12. Over the years, Johnny has been a member of a number of label-signed bands, he has recorded in studios in DC, MD, VA, NYC, & Chicago, and he has performed in hundreds of venues throughout the East Coast, Midwest & Canada.

On joining Signal 13, Johnny says… “Grab a ticket, come to a show & you too will be hooked for life!!”

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Patrick Jenkins

Bass Guitar

Patrick’s musical endeavors began at an elementary age. Throughout his formative years he regularly auditioned and participated in numerous extracurricular orchestral and jazz ensembles. Classically trained through music programs at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and the Johns Hopkins Peabody Institute, he was selected for the fellowship program with the Washington DC-based National Symphony Orchestra.

Patrick is equally comfortable both performing on the stage and recording and engineering off the stage. For over two decades, he has provided solid low end for numerous DC and Baltimore area rock and jazz bands. He has performed and toured extensively on both bass guitar and double / upright bass throughout the US and abroad. He has performed at notable venues including the Whisky A GoGo (Hollywood), Rose-land Ballroom (New York City), the Lyric Opera House (Baltimore), the Kennedy Center (DC), the Blue Horse Music Hall (Georgia), as well as a number of historic concert halls throughout Europe.

An adept multi-instrumentalist, Patrick is additionally skilled on guitar, drums, and piano, which he uses for his solo writing projects Come Sundown and Five Days In.

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